Sunday January 05 2020


God brought his word from Isaiah 61:1-11 to us. In verse 9, He assured us that in this year 2020, people will see us and glorify God. They will call us and our seed the blessed of the Lord. He reminded us to draw nearer to him. This year it is your INTIMACY WITH HIM that is going to make the difference in your life. Don’t chase after anything material rather chase after the presence of God because the more you chase Him the more He blesses you. By the time you come out of the presence of GOD, what you want and need will be out there waiting on you.

You are already in your Promised Land. Stop trying to feel it or to feel like it. You cannot feel it. Faith is not a feeling. Faith is not emotional. Faith Just believes it, just stand on it. You are already in your possession. Whatever comes against you this year, hammer it with God’s word (Jeremiah 23:29). Everything that you have been waiting for will come to pass and manifest in your future (Jer 29:11). Have a 1, 3, 5 and 10 – years plan/goals for your life. 

God sanctified and set us apart for service to Himself in 2020. He also commissioned us to a 21-day Fasting and Prayer exercise to begin Jan 6th. Click here to download the 21 days Fasting and Prayer guidelines and focus for each day. 

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