Sunday January 05 2020 SERMON SUMMARY God brought his word from Isaiah 61:1-11 to us. In verse 9, He assured us that in this year 2020, people will see us and glorify God. They will call us and our seed the blessed of the Lord. He reminded us to draw nearer to him. This year…

We all have so much to be thankful for. Thankfulness is an internal condition of gratitude for the people, things, and conditions of our life. Thankfulness is important, but it is not sufficient. It’s not enough to be thankful; we must progress to thanksgiving. In thanksgiving, we voice our gratitude to the ones responsible for…

Excepts from Friday Bible study: People live under curses usually caused by ignorance, or by their actions or in-actions. We talked about how these curses could be avoided and resolved. Usually it’s via absolute Obedience to the word of God and to His Holy Spirit. We also discussed in-depth the spirit of disobedience and rebellion….

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