Men Ministry

‘And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him (Gideon), and said unto him, the Lord is with thee, thou mighty man of valor’. Judges 6:12

The life and calling of Gideon, demonstrate to us how God uses common people to do great task. Gideon was an ordinary farmer who tills the ground but was chosen by God, then transformed into a warrior, and subsequently helped to deliver Israel from the Midian.

This is a classic example of the testimony of the Men Fellowship of A.C.C. New Jersey. They are men whom God brought out from nothing to something, men, who flinch and the mention of the word church, but today, are soldiers of the cross, and are daily putting on the gospel armor, taking the battle to the kingdom of darkness and snatching the lost souls for Christ. The mission of A.C.C. men’s ministry is to provide men with resources that will help them develop godly character, and equip them in influence their world for Christ. Becoming a Christian is not a destination; it is the beginning of a life-long journey.

The purpose of the Men’s Fellowship is to create a strong bond of brotherhood and solidarity among the men of A.C.C. New Jersey, to enhance their spiritual growth by fellowship and communication with one another, to assist the men in understanding their position as men of God in the body of Christ, at home, on the job, and in the community.

Our goal is for all the men of A.C.C. New Jersey to come to the knowledge of the truth that no matter what circumstances you are facing, God views you as a MIGHTY MAN OF VALOR who is a promise keeper.

All adult male members of A.C.C. New Jersey, are automatically members of the Men’s Fellowship and all male visitors are cordially invited to participate in any Men’s Fellowship activities.

You’ll find resources that encourages men to be all God wants them to be, including articles, forums and publications.